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Deep Trance Identification Sessions

Have you ever dreamed have being able to play sports like your favorite athlete, or excel at business like Steve Jobs, or perhaps do hypnosis as effortlessly as Milton Erickson?

DTI is a profound process of personal transformation during which you absorb the internal resources of your model to enhance your abilities and life.   It is often easiest to have an experienced facilitator lead you through it.  To help you on your journey we offer Deep Trance Identification Sessions in two different formats: weekly and intensives.

Weekly Deep Trance Identification Sessions

In the weekly format one of our facilitators will meet with you for 1-2 hours a week during which you will experience a new aspect of DTI as well as integrate into your specific connects.  During the rest of the week you will have the opportunity to take these newly acquired skills and test them in the real world so that you can further integrate them into your neurology and physiology.

Intensive Deep Trance Identification Sessions

If you are looking for a more intense change experience we offer one on one intensive sessions.  The intensive option consists of 6-7 hour days during which you will DTI hypnotically and also have opportunities to practice your new skill set in the company of your DTI facilitator.  These experiences are intense and profoundly transformative.  This is option is ideal for those from out of town or are looking for rapid and deep changes.

Destination Deep Trance Identification Sessions

Take a moment and imagine walking the streets of your model’s home town, where they exemplified their skills.  How amazing would it be to not only be in your model’s shoes but actually walking around the same areas your model does.  Imagine being Shakespeare stepping into the Globe Theatre, Mozart playing in Vienna, or Erickson doing hypnosis in Phoenix.

Your Destination Deep Trance Identification Sessions make this possible.  During this multi-day intensive your DTI facilitator will accompany you to the places significant to your model as he or she leads you through the complete Deep Trance Identification process.

For more information about scheduling your Deep Trance Identification Sessions please contact us iphnewyork@aol.com

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