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Throughout the year we offer a number of workshops including our “Being” Series and our Deep Trance Identification intensive.

“Being” Workshops

The “Being” workshops consist of a small select group who go through the DTI process with the same model.  The group environment provides modelers with opportunity to share experiences and gain support from others working with the same model.  These are wonderfully transformative experiences create an environment in which modelers can comfortably grow.

DTI Training

Our intensive workshops are designed for those who want to learn the Deep Trance Identification process for themselves or to become a facilitator for their clients.  In our multi-day workshop you will learn the theory behind DTI as well as gain hands on experience in leading others and being led through through effective DTI strategies.

At the end of this training you will both gain the skills to help others as well as experience change for yourself.


Through out the year we run a number of evening courses that are a mix of modeling sessions as well as DTI skills development.  This is a time for you to come and learn something new from the world of Deep Trance Identification.  These course are typically the 3rd Monday of the month and registration is required.

For more information about workshops please contact us at iphnewyork@aol.com

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